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Checking In: Life Update

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Checking in on this week

I don’t really have so much to report. I’ve mostly been working on the Photoshop Basics Course and planning for my new site and weeks ahead, alot of sitting at a desk. I’ve also joined the gym here in Stockholm! Makes such a difference to my positivity.

One exciting development, I’m currently at Arlanda airport waiting for my flight to Berlin. I’ve been nominated in the Rising Star category for the Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards. The judges include Bar Rafaeli and Bryan Boy and Klingande is going to be performing…. I think it’s going to be an amazing evening! It’s something new to be part of a blogger awards that doesn’t rely on votes or numbers…. maybe I have a chance?!? Haha!  Either way I’m super thrilled to be nominated to take part. I’m going to film a video for my trip so I’ll be posting that on youtube soon – and you can also follow all the action at  #SFIA15

I’m back in Stockholm tomorrow and only a few days left before I fly back to Australia. I’m in two minds about leaving – just when I get into a little routine at some place I have to run away again. I don’t mean to complain about the travel… then again maybe I do! No more airports please!

Give me two more weeks in this place though, I’m sure I’ll be running out the door passport in hand. I typically thrive for change.

I’ve got a lot of cool work happening in Australia which I can’t tell you about yet because I believe I’ll jinx them if I share too early.

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