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7 Parts of Your Life That Can Be Improved and How To Do It

Written by: Zanita Whittington

As you can probably tell lately I’m all on the self improvement bandwagon – and I’m here to spread the word. I love writing on my blog not only for you all to read and give me your thoughts and feedback but as a kind of diary for myself… A diary that happens to be read by thousands and thousands of people… haha!

So I discovered this  list of areas whereby it’s helpful to have goals and direction for improvement. We all can make little changes to better ourselves, and in turn, better the lives of people around us. I’m not trying to tell you that ‘you’re shit and you need to be as good as me’ – I’m the first to admit I’m not even close to getting it all right. I’m erratic and disorganised, I’m clumsy, I lack consistency, I don’t call my folks as often as I should, I spend way too much on taxis…. I could go on – but it’s not really about punishing yourself – it’s about driving for improvement! And writing down your goals. Pen to paper!!!

So the areas I speak of….

1. Family

As you all know, I travel alot so I’m terrible at keeping good contact with my family – and in turn they also aren’t the greatest, but we love each other loads and don’t hold grudges so all ends well. The question is – how can I be there more for my family, not only with my time but emotionally? The answer to the question is the goal in point. Find a method, write it down and do you best to stick to it. It could be by writing regular emails or vowing to make a call every sunday. It could be about asking the right questions and being a better listener. Whatever works for you.

2. Career

This is a big one for me. In the past I haven’t placed much value on my career because I t0ld myself I couldn’t succeed. The moment you believe a truth like that – it becomes the reality. I was my own worst enemy! Thankfully, with ALOT of encouragement – I’ve turned it all around. The question I’m asking is – how can I move myself forward to my ideal career? Write down the answer, it might take some figuring out  but the key is, THINK BIG. Don’t limit yourself by your own too-low standards. We’re all capable of big things.

3. Financial

Urgh, I can’t help but groan as I write this one… I HATE dealing with my finances. I like to think ‘i’m bad’ at keeping on top of it but really, I’m just a serial avoider. The answer is, those things you hate doing the most are probably the things that need the most attention. So now my finances are Priority Number One. Ok. Number Two… Well they are up there. The question you need to ask yourself to create a goal in this department – What do I want to save money for? Is my financial goal to increase my finance or to save to something special? Then write it down along with a method to get there. Make it realistic and work to chip away everyday.

4. Spiritual

This is an area where I’m guilty of giving zero attention – I’m not really speaking of religion (a topic I’d would like to politely avoid on this blog) but  about being more zen, and what it takes to achieve a better piece of mind. You own kind of meditation. As a self professed social media junkie (occupational hazard) I could say that I typical have a pretty manic state of mine. The question to ask yourself here is – What do I need to do to create a better piece of mind in my life?  For me it’s going to take a bit of trial and error over methods, but some of you might know already. Send tips! 😉

5. Social

Hooray a fun one! Spending time with other will give you inspiration, help you learn new things and give you fulfilling way to enjoy yourself. A big part of this department for me, not only how I socialise – but with who! It’s not about ditching your old friends – but giving extra time to those friendships that inspire you. The question? How can I capitalise on my social life to improve my happiness? It could be about being more giving or spending more time combining socialising with activity. You need to define what you need from your social life and aim to improve with that knowledge in mind.

6. Physical

This one is pretty obvious. The benefits of maintaining a healthy body are limitless – who doesn’t want more energy and less stress? Everyone has their own way of exercising but the hard part is finding something that’s inspiring enough that you want to continue doing it for the rest of your life! My work leads me to sit at a desk all day so pilates has become important – to stave away back pain and posture problems. What’s the best way to maintain a regime that’s inspiring and improves my health? Find a goal that’s easy to stick to. This one is really important! If you exercise regularly, other areas of your life are somehow easier to manage too.

7. Intellectual

Challenge your mind by reading – and I’m not talking about buzzfeed articles! It’s important to exercise your mind and prime your ability to focus. Reading is a great way to learn – along with taking classes. One of my goals this year is to read more books and also learn a language (svenska!). The question, how can I improve my intellect this year? It could be as simple as reading a few articles in National Geographic. We should all be challenging our minds a little more – it’s easy to get lazy on this point – and well worth putting in the time to savour your brain power.

So as I mentioned – having a goal in each of these areas can give you holistic target for self improvement. Sounds cheesy but we can all benefit from a little added direction in our lives. I’m still figuring things out – but with renewed ambition and some clearly defined goals I’m freshly inspired by my trajectory. Good times!!!

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