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5 Fancy Bags I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Written by: Zanita Whittington

bagsRight now I’m of the feeling I need a new designer handbag. Working in fashion, sometimes you do lose a little bit (a lot) of a grip on reality when it comes to the cost of clothing and accessories… I feel pretty casual about spending loads on bags that are quite beyond my means! I think it’s the plight of many a fashion lover… my problem lies in that, I wear a bag over and over, see it in pictures of myself over and over. I feel like I could be being judged for not having more new bags! Which of course, is totally absurd – because the kind of person who would judge me for that isn’t someone who I typically give a flying f*ck over.

Anyway – I’m loving these 5 beauties at the moment. The fun thing about posting them up here – I look at them so much that it in some way, it satisfies my urge to own one. I think I’m better buying expensive items spontaneously – because the real thrill comes from purchasing something fabulous and new in all ways. If I’ve looked at it over and over, the novelty is slightly worn away.

Hooray for bags!

1. Sophia Webster

2. Finds

3. Loewe

4. Paula Cademartori

5. Chloe