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3 Modelling Tips to Improve Your Blogger Game

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’ve been a major poser for a damn long time – especially for someone with a short attention span – sticking to one habit/hobby/job over ten years in pretty impressive if I do say so myself. The key to being a good model in knowing your body type and being confident. I’ve got three modelling tips here to help you – even though there’s a whole load more to learn.

Dreslyn-11. Walk.

Learn to walk on the spot and make it look like you’re really in stride. In this first image provided I’m really just taking one step forward then two back and repeating. The key is to just that very first step right – and the reason you need to master doing it on the spot is to make life much easier for your photographer. It’s not the simplest thing to get a moving target in frame and in focus. Why walking? Well moving in stride, limbs in extension is always flattering and you can achieve a natural look pose pretty effortlessly once you master it. Check out Karla’s Closet, this girl is really a master of the ‘flattering stride’.

2. The Arm.

Pull your shoulders back gently and lift the top of your arm ever so slightly away from the side of your body – this elongates the arm and slenders the shoulder. Basically look to lift your arm at the pit… sounds a bit strange to say haha! This trick doesn’t work super well when facing square to the camera but it’s a great cheat in any other position. You should have a little tension in your upper back and neck so you don’t look slovenly but should also find the balance between this and looking relaxed. Practise in the mirror – it’s pretty simple!

zanita modelling tips3. Movement.

One of my pet peeves is seeing girls model in photos looking stiff and awkward. They have the principle of a classic pose all down but freeze in a position and suddenly the effect is very awkward. One strategy to modelling well is moving constantly. When ever I’ve modelled for catalogues, every time the photographer snaps a pic – I move into a new position. Unless you have a barrage of poses in your repertoire, it’s not easy to keep moving this way so I’d recommend moving in a kind of ‘dancing’ way. Again – practise doing this in the mirror and it’ll make more sense. I always ‘move into’ a pose, it’s how I keep the how thing looking natural. I’ve included an amazing video of Coca Rocha showing how much a professional model will move during a photoshoot (it’s very impressive!) – obviously you don’t need to attempt this! This much continuous movement takes a lot of co-ordination and confidence.

One of the most awkward things about being a fashion blogger is posing on the street in front of all the passersby. I’ve the fortune of a long modelling career – I’ve had to pose for a magazine in front of Big Ben in London, with a huge circle of around 50 tourists standing around me taking photos and laughing. There’s no time to be self conscious when you have to get the job done! So you just do it – and I’ve applied this philosophy when it comes to taking my blog pictures as well. I want my pictures to be great! Which calls for having no shame – e.g., this post took around 50 jumps in a very public place… 

I hope I’ve been helpful in this regard! I really should do a video about modelling…

Well actually I do have one video inside my Fashion Blog and Photography Course! And loads more. If you really want to master your skills then I’m here to help.



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