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Where the Wild Things Are

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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These images were taken in a forest near my apartment here in Stockholm… I think around 2.30pm… as the sun was setting. It’s difficult to find good days to shoot this time of year in Sweden, with only a few hours of usable daylight each day – and then some days that are so overcast, you might as well not bother! I do like the winter though, here it’s very dreamy and cosy. I love warm drinks and candles and rugging up for strolls outside… the Danes actually have a word for it, HyggeMaking the most of a bad situation I guess! On the plus – the longest day of the year is somewhere around the 20th – so from that point it’ll be getting brighter again. This year I refuse to miss out on those cherry blossoms at the Kungsträdgården!

Loads to do this week, trying to wrap up my photo course and organising two posts per day. I’m going home for Christmas to Esperance in WA so I want to try and score some time off – means I’ll have to work double time to get some posting automated. So much to do! And that’s a hell of a lot better than having nothing to do.

jeans, Levis

watch, Michael Kors

coat, ALC

hat, Lack of Colour

mittens, Yvonne Kone

scarf, I love Mr Mittens

boots, Zara

bag, Chloe