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How Being Organised Changed My Career

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Ugh I hate myself for even writing that title, but it’s very true – being organised works wonders on your stress levels and productivity. I just resent the fact because I’m typically very disorganised. I recently however, committed to writing two posts a day for my blog – because I really want to push it to the next level and expand my business. Meaning, less talk more action. I’ve got some help for this, a boyfriend and business manager – Gustav. I have a spreadsheet to plan out my posts (a spreadsheet guys!!?) and have my day planned out tighter than ever, allocating hours for all types of activities…. and that gives me an idea! Would you be interested in a video that talks about a typical day for me? Or a written post?

Back to the point, organisation. I used to be a major freestyler, with an erratic schedule and priority social life. Over the past two years – I’ve steadily made a shift to favour my business. Why not make the push earlier? Well it’s taken a damn while to convince myself that working harder will be worth it. The typical ‘scared to fail’ excuse – which I’m sure is something we’re all guilty of, not wanting to put more pressure on ourselves. The Aussie fashion industry was slightly later to join the party when it came to bloggers (and digital media in general), meaning it wasn’t easy to transition from hobbyist to full timer – when there wasn’t many clients that thought it was worth paying us for our work, despite some bloggers having 5-10 times the reach of major Aussie fashion magazines. If they didn’t believe in us – why should we believe in ourselves? Of course you can understand their scepticism, we just started out as just fans of fashion… it’s not really that cool! Over time our content improved and we had the chance to prove ourselves… so it became time to work. I think the industry in Australia is really up to speed with the digital revolution now, it’s an exciting place to work. And now of course – I consider myself a professional. I have systems in place to get shit done and I work longer hours, make fewer excuses for myself. Strive for that entrepreneurial spirit, trying to come up with new ideas all the time. I heard once, become the business that would swallow you up for not evolving, think forward, do research.  I know I have a really long way to go – but for now I’m working hard and hoping for the best, really looking up those who’ve created something bigger for themselves – like Chiara or Wendy or Kristina. It all starts with being organised.

Grateful to share all of the ride with all of you!

…and so I’m wearing clothes again 😉

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