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It’s Finally Here! The Fashion and Blog Photography Basics Course

Written by: Zanita Whittington

So excited to be finally posting up the results of a labour of love – my Photography course! 

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now – and my blog has been the story of my journey as a self taught photographer, accumulating my knowledge from working as a fashion model and being a  passionate fan of Fashion Photography. Now I want to share my methods and what I’ve learnt during this time!

This is the first course to be released as part of my new endeavour, the Zanita Academy. What’s unique about my course – it’s conversational – and explains photography as I understand it. Learning to take a great picture means mastering a particular awareness and knowing what to look for. So many people ask me about my editing – but there’s really nothing achieved in editing an average photographed. The real art begins while looking through the lens!

You can learn more about my online course by clicking through to this link – and as part of a Christmas Special, the first 200 buyer can receive 25% off using the code below.


Take your pictures to the next level! And learn to see through your lens in a more considered way.

Zanita Academy – Fashion and Blog Photography Basics Course