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From Where I’d Rather Be – Ibiza

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Nookie-8Nookie-15 Nookie-18 Nookie-20 Nookie-16 Nookie-1 Nookie-17 Nookie-13 Nookie-12 Nookie-10 Nookie-9

Feeling a bit depressed now as I post up these shots… damn it looks so beautiful and dreamy! And those beaches with the orange rocks? Like a snap out of the 70’s. I think resurfacing these shots later has actually made me love them even more, I feel lucky to have had my visits to Ibiza this summer. Oh to escape!

These are a load of images I snapped while visiting to shoot the Nookie campaign, while we were location scouting and generally enjoying the sunshine.  You can see my posts from the campaign HERE and HERE, I love those shirred bikinis so much.

Photography by me.