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Fashion Blogger Quick Quiz! Sania Claus Demina

Written by: Zanita Whittington

So my final part of my series featuring Sania – a quick quiz. I love reading these types of things in mags so I figured I’d start out doing something like it of my own.  You can check out our photoshoot HERE and Sania and I talking all things fashion careers HERE.

Take it away Sania…

favourite holiday destination….Barcelona and New York (at the moment)

minimal or maximal… Maximal

monotone or colour…  I’m crazy about dusty pink, not sure what category it will fall in but I’d go for colour, it makes life fun!

drink of choice… anything without alcohol, preferably red. or strawberry tea with sugar and milk

favourite flower… Roses. Few things are as beautiful as roses..

signature dance move… Whatever the music decides, I freestyle!!

Guilty pleasure…  Swedish candy: GODIS!

most proud of… my job!!

a great night out is…. all about being around close friends, good music and dancing!!

who would play you in a film… hahaha… no clue!!

best dish to cook… salmon with a creamy sauce and potatoes…(I’m absolutely crazy about potatoes!!

creativity is… everything!!

Don’t forget to check out Sania’s blog at Dameras Varld.


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