Editorial: Mermaid Hotel

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Nadia-Underwater-1Nadia-Underwater-2 Nadia-Underwater-3

I’ve always wanted to do a shoot underwater – the trouble is – it’s actually incredibly difficult to open your eyes and hold a relaxed expression when you can’t breath.

This piece of silk was something I purchased as a trial for the Australian Ballet shoot – but realising the tulle would be more effective for that shoot, I vetoed the silk. Knowing I would have the chance to shoot Nadia, I brought along this fabric to our visit to the Great Barrier Reef – So happy with the result!

It was actually quite the trial for post of us to dive under water each time to snap shots, leaving up both quite short of breath – and I’m not really the strongest swimmer. I kinda wish we persevered for a little longer to get more images but using a GoPro, we really had no idea how they were going to turn out. Sometimes it’s going to be worth giving it a go just for one shot – and it’s always better to have a few strong images than to include a few duds.

A photoshoot is only as strong as the weakest image.

Photos of Nadia by me – photo of the fabric, David Hutton (Sodus)

Model, Nadia Fairfax