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5 Photo Tips To Try This Weekend

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Hey All, here’s a few of my photo tips to take on next time you head out to take pictures. This advice really stems from some mistakes I see photographers make, things that could be helped with a little more focus and consideration. I’ve also tried to go with hints that are slightly less obvious!  Here goes…

1. Shoot in RAW.

Plenty of people I’ve met complain that shooting in RAW takes up too much space – well, get more space! The flexibility that shooting in RAW will give you when it comes to the editing process is infinitely better than when trying to edit JPEGS.  You goal should be to develop a finer eye and this is the first step.

2. Focus.

I know it sounds obvious – but you should apply sincere focus when taking you’re pictures. There’s nothing worse than throwing your memory card back into your computer when you get home and finding that your images are slighting out of focus or slighting over exposed. Don’t get caught up in the moment – there are alot of variables involved in taking a great picture and you need to have a handle on all of them.

3.  Understand Depth.

You can shoot in any kind of location provide you understand the way to utilise depth in a photograph – meaning the way the focus leads of into a blur in the distance. That in itself has a particular kind of beauty and you can find it on any street long enough – so use it!

4. Photoshop – don’t go to crazy!

Especially if you’re photoshopping yourself – chances are those things you think are flaws are some of the most unique and appealing things about you.

5. Try out backlighting.

So many photographers favour direct lighting and it confuses me so much because I think direct sun looks so flat! It’ll take a bit of practising to figure out the settings – but you can make backlighting look so incredible – especially with a bit of balancing in the editing process (aka, shooting in RAW).

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All photos by me – except the first shot, which was taken by the talented guys behind Cup of Couple

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Photos taken with Canon EOS MK III

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