10 Fun Facts about Me

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I’m having one of those days where everything is going great, got into the office early, it’s not raining, drank a Tomtelatte (translation: Santa’s Latte – very delicious!) and for some reason I still feel a little glum. Pretty much the definition of first world problems or maybe just the onset of PMS (I can never tell) – so while we’re on the road to oversharing… Here’s 10 fun facts about me!

1. Navy Cadets. I used to be in the Navy Cadets for a couple years while I was a teenager. It pretty much consisted of sailing in tiny yachts and marching around feeling official. I was one of three girls in a group of about thirty. I had planned on joining the Navy when I finished high school but quickly realised I would likely be sexually harassed (from my experience) in the Navy and decided to explore another avenue. It’s a sad fact, but if you look at the statistics for women in the military… no thanks!

2. Sleeves. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve ever worn anything sleeveless on my blog this year. I don’t like exposing my shoulders, something I’ve developed from having back acne when I was younger. Now my skin is great! It just still feels wrong to show my shoulders and upper arms – and I get self conscious about having such broad shoulders too. I should just get over it I know, but sleeves are like a security blanket.

3. Tattoo – some of you would know this already, I have a pretty sizable tattoo on my back. The first time my Mum saw my tattoo she cried, which upset me because other than for her, I don’t give a phuck what people think about it. To me, my tattoo is my personal piece of art – something to treasure forever. It makes me unique, makes me feel strong. My body is my own, for no one else to dictate – so my tattoo is forever a reminder to follow my own path despite what anyone thinks.

4. Sweden. It’s always been a dream of mine to live in Europe, so right now I’ve got a Working Holiday Visa for Sweden. Australians can get these Visa’s for most countries, if you’re under 30 and want to travel around. I can’t get a full time job here (which is fine cos I’m self employed) but I can stay for the duration of the year. I’m learning Swedish slowly, it’s difficult – like any language really – but it’s also a germanic language so in that, it’s closer to english than others. Underbar!

5. The number 29 – it’s always been my lucky number. I’m born on March 29, my Mum on July 29 and my dad on December 29. My parents recently built a house in a new development, Lot 16 or something like that… when it came to receiving a street number? A total co-incidence, also number 29. I turn 29 next year so I’m probably going to win the lottery. Stay tuned.

6. Drivers License. My Australian drivers license is currently expired, so I can’t drive. What’s strange about this is the sense of freedom I’ve gained from not being able to drive. Maybe it’s because I’m walking more? Brings me to my next point…

7. Exercise. I’m ashamed to admit it but I haven’t been doing any exercise lately, maybe the occasional Pilates class but nothing regular. I thought when I quit modelling and stopped exercising regularly I’d gain alot of weight but I haven’t really… I’ve changed though, I’m more lumpy…. and not feeling as energised and happy as I should me. Time to WERK!

8. Music. I quit the Piano when I was 7 years old and I’ve always regretted it. I love all things music and the music industry, I find it completely fascinating – even the business side of things. I love all things music even…

9. One Direction. I like to think my music taste is pretty commendable but I just love one direction. I know it’s not cool to admit it but I think they are great.

10. Singing. I’m not tone deaf – and I actually really love singing. I participated in community theatre when I was younger (I was Marta in the Sound of Music) but my voice is actually really wimpy. Like a cross between Elmo and Britney Spears. I wish I could be one of those brilliant people who audition for X Factor. Alas. Will never be.

Thanks for making it to the end of this list!! xx



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