Why You Should Believe in Vintage Denim

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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To date I think I’ve featured this denim jacket in around 8 blog posts – but worn it dozens and dozens of times. How is that the best treasures from our wardrobes are those that have resurfaced from another time? There’s so much killer vintage out there.  I’m sorry to admit a fairly high turnover of clothing (guilty consumer), regularly cleansing my wardrobe to the Salvation Army bins. The only pieces I ever get sentimental over are the vintage ones. I wish I could find them again! Hopefully they went to happy homes…

You know you’re obsessed with clothes when you refer to ex-wardrobe like an old pet ‘Buster’s gone onto a new family now Zanita’. :S

Anyway – this is a look I snapped before leaving Sydney a couple weeks ago. I don’t remember the last time I wore a mini dress on my blog… but at least it’s got sleeves. I’m also a fan of the fit-and-flare style, it works really well for my athletic build.  I am quite conscious of styles that suit me and those that don’t. Being that I’m very tall and fairly slim, people so often say to me “oh but you look great in everything” and maybe they are just trying to be kind – but it’s certainly not true. Muscle tee styles make me look really top heavy – and pencil skirts highlight my my lack of curve in my hips and waist. I’m not complaining! I just think it’s good to be at least aware of your silhouette so you can work you best features.

Anyway, enough rambling here – I’m working too much at the moment! But I can’t stop! I love putting up loads of content on my blog 🙂

Photos by Gervin Puse – edit by me

jacket, Vintage

key necklace, Swarovski (adv piece)

dress, Opening Ceremony (on sale!)

watch, Michael Kors

bag, Chloe Drew

heels, Tibi (on sale!)