Campaign Comments

Twin Pickings

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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If you had the chance to see the recent episode of Fashion Bloggers – you’ll know I was given an exciting new project, to realise a blog campaign for Jacob’s Creek. The beauty of this project was dreaming up an idea that worked for my blog and the ways I could connect with one of their ranges, Twin Pickings. I feel like I won the lottery on timing – because by chance, one of my best friends and fellow bloggers Rebecca (Raspberry and Rouge) was visiting Australia for the very first time… meaning she could be part of it with me – and the truth of it all is – good wine is best shared with friends.

Rebecca and I pow-wowed over how we envisioned the campaign and I set about planning all the details. My idea was to have an extravagant picnic in a wild Australian setting… there a few elements that didn’t quite come together as I initially dreamt of – but that’s all part of it. Sometimes variables can enhance the final result, provided your open to change. For example – the weather was an absolute nightmare. I initially planned on shooting on top of a hill in the park – but gusty winds prevented that location from being feasible and I had to find a new place at the very last minute. I don’t really understand what’s happened to my luck – but this was the second shoot of mine to be filmed for Fashion Bloggers where things started to go wrong… the last thing I need is to have a melt down on TV! Thankfully – I found a spot to shoot that was even better than my initial plan and everything started to fall into place.

Hope you like the results of my Twin Pickings picnic!  Thanks so kindly to Jacob’s Creek for inviting me to produce this shoot, I’m feel so lucky to have reached this stage in my career to work with such iconic brands. Cheers to the future!!

Special thanks to Rebecca (Raspberry and Rouge) for being an on shoot and off shoot bestie.

Prop Stylist, Caitlin Melling

Hair and Make-up Artist, Danielle Butcher

Photography Assistant, Stephen Wellsmore