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The Australian Ballet: Dance in Tulle

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Pas-de-Deux-1Pas-de-Deux-8 Pas-de-Deux-6  Pas-de-Deux-9 Pas-de-Deux-5 Pas-de-Deux-3 Pas-de-Deux-2

Weeks ago I travelling to Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island to watch Pas De Deux as the sun set over Pebble Beach, a very exclusive performance by the Australia Ballet. Dancers  Andrew Killian and Robyn Hendricks  were generous enough to give me some time to snap these images after their morning barre warm up, in the beating sun. I knew I only had a short window to shoot the dancers (about 30 minutes) so I couldn’t really demand a detailed concept with wardrobe changes. Instead – I purchased 4 metres of pastel tulle from Lincraft and requested the dancers work it around their moves. I’m so happy with the effect and the way the tulle worked with the light and the dancer’s bodies and movement. These images are some of my favourite I’ve ever taken – though so much because I’m in awe of the talent pictured.

The whole affair was filmed for Fashion Bloggers tv show – and  I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I hope that I have the chance to shoot ballet dancers again in the near future…

Robyn and Andrew were both absolutely spell binding.

Hope you like!

Photography and styling by Me