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Shadow Girl

Written by: Zanita Whittington

QT-ThreeQT-One QT-Four QT-Two

I’m amazed I have the chance to post up these images – mostly because I had my doubt I would even be able to pull it together at all. The whole shoot was a comedy of errors – and a total nightmare for me because the whole affair  was due to be filmed for Fashion Bloggers TV show… hopefully it’s at least entertaining! To summarise, some of the garments for styling didn’t arrive, we only had our location free for 3 hours and the model called in sick just 20 mins before we were due to start – meaning we needed a stand-in… Next debacle, my make-up and hair stylist Filomena was only available for two hours… which would have been fine – but of course… we didn’t have a model.  Anyway, it all came together and despite being under a load of pressure we were able to produce something worth sharing with you all.

Special thanks to our model Evelyn who was rudely awoken very early and traversed across town at the last minute to be part of the shoot. To my incredible Hair and Make-up artist Filomena – who pulled together a miracle, a hair and beauty look in around 15 minutes – before she had to race to another job. Special thanks to my assistant Gervin who dealt with my near meltdown and raced equipment between set-ups at lightening speed.

After all of that – the result is a shoot which was inspired by the dramatic setting of the QT hotel, which is built from the iconic Gowing’s Building in Sydney, Australia’s first department store. One of these looks is actually snapped in the original Barber shop. Love me a bit of history.

Photography, styling and editing – Me

Hair and Make-up – Filomena 

Model – Evelyn at Chic

Assistant – Gervin Puse

all garments, Carla Zampatti