How to: From the Couch to the Meeting.

Written by: Zanita Whittington



So you’re lying on the couch watching Dr Phil re-runs and stuffing salty and sweet popcorn in your face like your life depended on it when you get a notification on your phone that says you’ve got an important meeting in 45 mins on the otherside of town. Damn it! Totally forgot about that!! Sitting there fist deep in popcorn looking scrappy in your comfy jeans and tee… what do you do?!?


Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.



A blinging watch or cuff, a good stiletto or pump, a bag with some fancy details – anything with chains and gold, maybe a belt with metallic details – these kind of pieces will bring your sloppy attire to the office. Maybe throw up your hair and apply a red lippy. You’re out the door!! Simplicity can really work with an added touch of glamour. I’ve illustrated the strategy here with some cosy Mih jeans and a sweater and long sleeve t shirt. My shoes have a metallic heel and toe and then I’ve got a fluffy structured handbag and a silver watch to really tie up the illusion ‘This look was totally on purpose and I’m here for business’.  Don’t forget to walk with confidence, that’ll sell anything.



Also – if you’re really not looking fresh, don’t forget to have a spray of perfume, a can of deodorant and dry shampoo on hand. We’ve all been guilty. 😉



Photography, Sara – editing, me



jumper, Michael Kors
bag, Furla
tee, Witchery
sunglasses, Michael Kors