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Being Fierce 101

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I have alot of say on the topic of photography and modelling (and there’s more coming on this, sorry for the wait) but if there’s one thing I feel bloggers should understand about outfit posts it’s context. For example – in  this post, I’m wearing a very warm blanket coat in the sun. Doesn’t quite fit right? But I’ve tried to take the editorial route with this post and make things are little more artistic, so perhaps you can forgive me on the mismatch. The truth is – I ordered this coat from Neiman Marcus with the idea of having it to wear in Stockholm – but decided to shoot it in Sydney because the light is much more dependable at this time of year. I’ve used the sunlight to create harsh contrast and combined that with strong posing, movement and bad ass looking location to bring a dramatic result. If I snapped outfit in a flower garden and pulled the same stern expressions – context would be way out. It’s a mistake that quite a few photographers and bloggers make, not factoring all elements to create a concise result. Too often I’ll see new photographers testing models and encouraging them to bust out all the edgy and editorial poses while shooting them in the park in t-shirts and jeans. I was totally guilty of this when I started out – but it was really just all part of my learning process. Same goes for strong and sexy expressions, it doesn’t really work in the casual context – but a great example of how it’s done right? See my girl Angelica Blick – she rocks a strong expression and works the tough looking locations. Tells more of a story in that sense.

Anyway, one of my tasks while I’m back in Stockholm is finally getting the chance to work on my photography course – so I’m in that mindset right now, thus the rambling.  Looking forward to sharing it really soon!

pics, Gervin Puse – edit, me

blanket coat, Burberry Brit @ Neiman Marcus (adv piece)

boots, Frye @ Neiman Marcus (adv piece)

dress, Opening Ceremony @ Neiman Marcus (adv piece)

bag, Michael Kors