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A Tale of Marrakech

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Marrakech-2 Marrakech-1Marrakech-1a1

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Here’s part two of my Photo Diary series from Marrakech (Part 1 HERE). This collection of images is mostly snapped while driving around this vibrant desert city, portraits of it’s people and also some scenes from our visit to Jardin Majorelle  – also known as Yves Saint Laurent’s Gardens. I could spend hours wandering around the city centre, photographing the people. The scene is so colourful and the energy is vibrant. If you visit in early November you can mildly warm days and cool nights – so it’s a pretty comfortable temperature to explore and adventure. One of my favourite features of this city is the Atlas Mountain range that crown the horizon – it’s such a thrill to spot them in the distance, so majestic.

Hope you enjoy part 2 of my series and thanks again to Jimmy Choo for inviting myself and my blogger friends – Jess (Tuula), Andy (Style Scrapbook), Lainy (Haute Inhabit), Gala (Amlul), Hedvig (The Northern Light), Camille (Camille over the Rainbow) and Candice Lake – along for the experience.