Two Nights in Paris

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Paris-3Paris-1 Paris-5 Paris-4 Paris-6 Paris-2

Tuesday morning I wake up at 5.30am – I’ve received a message saying I need to be in Paris in time for Wednesday. 2pm, I’m on a plane on en route to the Northern Hemisphere. Just like that! That’s a pretty intense turn around even for me  – but I live for it! I should have a bag packed by the door like a woman in late pregnancy.  I think I’m almost spending more time in transit than my actual destination too. Damn Australia for being so far away!

Here’s where it’s get annoying, I can’t tell you what I’m up to – but as you can imagine, you don’t really announce the details of a project before its realised because then it spoils the surprise and also gives others the chance to steal your concepts! I still hate it whether other bloggers are all ‘something exciting coming soon!!’. Tell me now!!!

I snapped these images on a morning walk – I arrived very early and had to kill some time before I could check into my hotel. Paris really is the most photogenic city you can imagine – so majestic! Very inspiring photographically – I probably only prefer Amsterdam and Prague in all the cities I’ve been too, and that’s really only because those cities aren’t quite as busy.

I’m back in Sydney in time for the weekend – and then I embark on a week of work where I’m shooting and filming everyday (sometimes two separate shoots in a day) so I hope I can find enough time to get decent content for you all up. I was doing so well for awhile there. I still have a few good posts left from NYC so thats positive.

Thanks for your patience with me!