Twilight Beach, Esperance, September 21, 8.32am

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Dressing for the beach should be nothing less than effortless. The fewer garments the better. In step this denim shirt dress from Sportscraft, so practical and just the perfect shade and shape, a dress to live in! This is the third part in my series for Sportscraft, an iconic Australian brand famous for quality and simplicity.

This instalment (and also the last one) are particularly special to me because it’s not only shot in my hometown – but my dear Mum is the photographer, keenly acting under my guidance. She’s the best! A fun story about this beach – see that last image? There’s a large rock that’s swimming distance from the shore behind me. The time previous to this one, there was a shark warning and all the swimmers were ordered to leave the water. Apparently there was a Great White Shark circling that rock – trapping the swimmers who had journeyed out there to sun themselves on it… they had to be rescued by boat! Must have been frightening huh? But the truth about Great White’s is that they have a bad rap – and while they are pretty dangerous, they are incredibly rare and misunderstood. I heard of tourists visiting Australia and refusing to swim in the ocean for fear of shark attacks – but of course – the car ride to the beach has much greater risk than the actual swimming in the ocean. Humans aren’t really that delicious anyway.

Twilight Beach is the busiest beach in my town in the summer… but it’s not totally rare to find it all to yourself in the early hours. Magic huh?

Thanks again to Sportscraft inviting me to create these images for you 🙂

Alice Tencel Chambray dress available at Sportscraft from November

Hat, Sportscraft

Bag, Sportscraft