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Days Go By

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I’m very excited to post these images – a collaboration with talented illustrator Abby Phillips. See her instagram HERE or her portfolio HERE for her killer work. I’ve been saving these shots from NYC, it’s the outfit I wore to the Calvin Klein show on my last day there. The dress is Reformation, pretty low cut (hello boobies!) but it’s one of those garments that really makes me feel so great when I wear it. Feminine and fabulous! But the same can be said for loads of dresses from Reformation… those girls know sexy.

Here’s where I need to apologise for going AWOL this past week – I really have tried to get something up but I’ve really been manic! And it’s all leading up to tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow is a day where we tackle a load of press commitments and then have our launch party – and then Wednesday the show is finally airing! I’m filled with nervous excitement about all of it. I see it as a chance to repair a few misconceptions about what it is to be a professional fashion blogger, that it’s not all selfies and macaroons. I’m also stressed about the negative attention – especially on twitter where I hear people can be totally brutal. A friend of mine who has worked in TV warned me not to read twitter and respond to negative messages… which is tricky because it’s not really in my nature to leave a comment undefended!

I appreciate your all waiting around for my posts – hopefully I can get back on that train stat. So often recently I’ve spent my days working on shoots that get delayed in release – meaning I can’t post them until weeks or months have passed. This is pretty common in the fashion industry, to wait until the appropriate time to release a photo shoot, waiting for collections to drop etc… but its not ideal for a blogger who needs content right now!

I tried posting this last night but my internet failed for some reason at the final hour and I’ve had to wait until this morning. Big day ahead for me! 🙂

Pics by Christine Tran

dress, Reformation

jacket, Vintage

clutch, Zimmerman