Advertorial Comments

West Beach, Esperance, September 23, 5.24pm

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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One of my favourite posts ever. I spent a couple  sunny afternoon wagging highschool (tut tut) and heading down to this beach for some sun. Isn’t it magnificent? There’s something seeming prehistoric about the rock formations on the Esperance coastline – it’s been a dream of mine to shoot more there. These images are particularly special – not only because they are snapped in my hometown but because the photographer is my darling Mum, diligently snapping under my instruction. She’s a natural!

Esperance is also a perfect setting for my new Sportscraft attire, unassuming and effortless – muted hues and soft textures. A classic stripe tee and a free-flowing linen skirt for an afternoon visit to a wild and beautiful coastline. I’ve included a song that is supposed to fit the mood of my images, not really the lyrics, just the feeling. The goal is equivalent to smelling wine before you drink it. Taste and scent. Sight and sound. Love to know your thoughts – or maybe if you could suggest another song that you feel would work. I know I probably see something different to each of you.

Thankyou Sportscraft for having me onboard to bring you this post. Feels so right.

Nancy Bias skirt, Sportscraft

Lucy Stripe tee, Sportscraft

Harper Crossbody bag, Sportscraft

Monaco Sunglasses, Sportscraft