Outside Dion Lee

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-73c Outfit-73b

Well, in a sense it helps – when the weather is super humid I have to use products, dry shampoo in the roots and serum in the ends to tame the frizz (slightly). The humidity definitely helps in the volume stakes – and I’m rocking a proper eighties look, like a perm. The weather does make my hair a bit volatile though – who does how big and fluffy it can get! before I had this haircut I would have been terrified of the humidity, probably wearing a headscarf or something to just cover it up. So glad I discovered how my hair is ‘meant to be’.

So  this is a look I wore on my day 2 of NYFW (though its actually day 3) and I felt great in it – because it was super practical in the heat, these Tibi overalls are super breezy and the look felt very ‘me’, not too fancy. The first show I attended on this day was Dion Lee – and the collection was beautiful, I’ll be posting my edit soon.

These first days of NYFW are some of my busiest and I’m filled with manic energy. As the week progress it’s going to calm down a little and I’ll have more room for meetings and blogger collaborations. Excited to share alot more in the coming days!

overalls/jumpsuit, Tibi

shirt, Rodebjer

shoes, Tibi

backpack, Barbara Bonner

watch, Larsson and Jennings