How to Do Your Make-up Like A Model

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I figure if I’m going to go on Tv and totally ruin my ‘cool fashion blogger mystique’  (oxymoron!) then I may as well just go to town and give it all away. I’m not particularly talented when it comes to doing my own make-up… well, I guess I do know what I like and don’t, having had my make-up done a whole load of times by talented makeup artists…. I just prefer when all women wear less. When I was in my early 20’s I wore more make-up and I started to become dissatisfied with my look when I wasn’t wearing it – so instead – I stopped wear make-up in everyday circumstances and became much happier about my natural appearance. Now I just wear make-up for work , even though i’d prefer not to! I don’t like to put emphasis on it in my routine.

Sooo my advice is, do your make-up like a model! As in – trust your face is really gorgeous as it is and use just a little make-up to gently enhance the features you’ve got. Less is always more.