Candidate by Candice Lake For General Pants

Written by: Zanita Whittington

General-Pants-046 General-Pants-152 General-Pants-257 General-Pants-451 General-Pants-336

A super fun project to work on – this Candidate campaign – modelled by  fellow blogger Nadia Fairfax, styled by General Pants Design Director Pip Edwards and of course, designed by  the very talented Candice Lake. I was so honoured to be asked to shoot this because of my special connection to Candice herself – years ago, when she was in photo school and I was a fledgling model, I worked with her on one of her first photo shoots… unfortunate to say it wasn’t either of our prouder career moments but it’s certainly a testament to how far we’ve both come! We always laugh about it. Good times.

Fellow blogger alumni Nadia really worked it for our images and her moves could have outshone any professional model – and Pip’s roller-skate theme pulled the fun mood all together. The planets aligned! I’m looking forward to seeing these Candidate pieces on the street. Effortlessly cool.

Candidate designer, Candice Lake

Model, Nadia Fairfax

Stylist, Pip Edwards

Clothing, Candidate

Photography, Me