Advertorial Comments

Broome, Western Australia

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Broome-2 Broome-5 Broome-9 Broome-8 Broome-3 Broome-10 Broome-6 Broome-4 Broome-7

We live in a very beautiful world.

These shots (bar one) are aerial snaps I took on a recent helicopter ride (lucky I know) over Broome in the north of Western Australia, from the township to the Willy Creek Pearl Farm. I had visited Broome once before, with my folks. We drove the 2,569km journey all the way from Esperance up through the middle of Western Australia, right through the desert. Last time, no aerial viewing was involved – but we did have an amazing ride on a hovercraft through the mangroves! It’s hard to believe that this is really part of Australia when you live in the south, the tropical heat and the red dirt and incredibly green/blue hued water.

The first image is of Gantheaume Point and the building is actually a local residence. Talk about prime real estate! The sunrise shot further down is snapped at the same location… I don’t think I’ve ever caught the sunrise in a more magical place. Apparently there’s dinosaur footprints there but I didn’t have a chance to catch them.

I wish I could have stayed longer in Broome… but at least I’ve learnt more reasons to go back. One day when I’m a famous photographer shooting the cover’s of magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar – I can visit again and create a wild, northern editorial. Fashion!

Anyway in summary, visit Western Australia. You won’t forget it.

Photography by me.