The Talented Ms Hess

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Well another few days have past since checking in but I’m extremely thrilled to be posting this work of art by the vastly talented Megan Hess. Is it wrong for me to say that this image of myself feels iconic? Probaby – but its really a comment about Megan’s romantic and timeless drawing style. I like to consider myself fairly modest but when I saw this work of art my head swelled up, ever that little more. Not only because the artwork itself is so beautiful – but because I must be doing something right for an artist of Megan’s calibre to illustrate me in this way. I don’t really know if there can be much higher flattery than having a true artist represent your likening. So – Megan – my big puffy head thanks you humbly. This is the coolest thing ever!!

Megan has also directed her talents in creating animation which is very fun (check it out HERE) along with the rest of her portfolio HERE. Thanks again Megan for representing me with your awesome talent – I feel so lucky to be able to share this!

Meanwhile I have much to report about my work this week – and then also alot I’m going to be quite cagey about…for legal reasons, we mustn’t give too much away. For now it’s time for me to sleep so I’ll have to fill you in tomorrow. I’ve now been working in TV for a week and its more exhausting than I anticipated but also much more fun. I didn’t think I would be ok with having a camera following me around all the time but its seems it’s not really so bad after all! I don’t seem to notice them so much… hope I don’t get caught picking out a wedgy.

Artwork by Megan Hess