Paris Beat

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I really miss shooting street style. Unfortunately I didn’t score a chance while in Copenhagen so I’m counting the days till New York to get my fix. Hope you like these leftover images in the meantime (holla @ Rebecca in the two piece suit!).

I’m currently sitting in the studio with secret business for the Fashion Bloggers TV show, filming intros (I think) and a load of scenes and scenarios which I have no idea about their use. I’m pretty jet lagged but also running so high on nervous energy, this is all such a new experience. It’s very tough getting used to being filmed – especially when I stuff up a conversation, maybe stumbling over a word or swearing too much… and then I need to repeat it in a natural way, with fewer expletives. My biggest fear is still coming off as a bit of an asshat, I’ve got a bit of an (very) excitable personality.  The next few days are lined up with my pretty usual activities but with the added bonus of being followed by a film crew. Sounds very awkward! I grew up being a drama geek so perhaps in the end I’ll end up loving being the centre of the attention. Queue diva antics!! Hahah

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