Dream State

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I’d like to say that this jumpsuit would be it  for me – but thats obviously not taking into the account the sky – that sometimes cold icy floaty bits fall from it and this amazing jumpsuit isn’t going to cut it for such a weather event.  So the summer uniform we are touting! The best thing about this jumpsuit is that it feels a little bit like wearing nothing, it kind of hovers over the skin and sits so lightly… be sure to wear a bikini or nude underwear though! Its a sheer jersey and linen. I love it! Thankyou Dreslyn and Raquel Allegra! Meanwhile its on special too…

Excited to go to Prague tomorrow, already got a load of restaurants on my list – the best part is that now I’m accustomed to the Swedish prices I’m going to feel like a proper baller there… especially when it comes to alcohol, sometimes more than a third cheaper that Stockholm! Not sure if you all know this but in Sweden – drinking is very expensive. A beer is around 10 dollars US and wine is about 15 when you’re out and then the bottleshops are all state owned and only open during business hours. Want to buy a bottle of wine for a picnic on Sunday? Get it on Saturday. In all honesty I think this has benefited Swedes in their attitude to drinking, though they are notorious for being a bit boozy, the reality is that alcohol is left only for special occasions. Generally speaking. Maybe that’s my view because Australian’s have some of the worst binge drinking culture in the world….

Anyway – I’m really looking forward to sampling some of the beers that the Czech are so famous for, they say the best in the world! Will report back.

jumpsuit, Raquel Allegra at The Dreslyn

suede sandals, Yvonne Kone

bag, Barbara Bonner

sunglasses, Spektre