School’s Out

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-60b Outfit-60d Outfit-60c Outfit-60e

It’s always fun though, to make a reference to something else when it comes to self styling. I find I’m doing it more often than not – particularly when it comes to movie characters. This outfit is some kind of weird mix between Clueless and The Craft – aren’t my flats a bit witch-y?

Anyway, today I’m having one of those days, when you reach the end of the afternoon and realise you’ve only achieved a fraction of what you hoped from the day. One downside to being your own boss – you really have to motivate yourself! Sometimes it’s a bit too much to resist, stuffing around and having a lazy morning. Looks like I’m up later tonight trying to catch up!

knit top, Oskar

pendant necklace, Swarovski

leather skirt, Miss Wu (Nordstrom)

backpack, Barbara Bonner

gold bangle, By Charlotte

watch, Larsson and Jennings

bracelet and ring, Efva Afftling