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Time to Begin

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Definitely owing a little more than that though – posting days and days ago, declaring I’m back and then promptly disappearing again. Turns out that virus or whatever I had wasn’t totally behind me and kept falling asleep super early each night – cutting into my blogging time in the evenings. Hate that feeling when you wake in the morning not achieving all you hoped of the day previous. I’m still needing loads of sleep in my recovery but somehow I think that’s actually been a benefit in recovering from jetlag, now that I’m back in Stockholm.

So these images were snapped with the help of my darling little sister while in Esperance seeing my family, just walking distance from my family home. What a great place to get some R&R huh? Loved my week of zen with my Mum and Dad. Nothing like a home cooked meal.

So there’s so much ahead for me this week and also this month. Posting a video tomorrow, a little teaser of the collection I designed in collaborating with french brand Pimkie – and also an editorial I shot in collaboration with hair and make-up artist/genius Max May of MaxMade fame.  Also to come – more content from MBFWA and later in the week I’m hoping to shoot my favourite swedish blogger Angelica (If i can pin her down!). I’m officially living between Stockholm and Australia now so expect more Swedish related content…. and then next week I’m going to London and the week after that to Amsterdam. Phew! Excited/exhausted just pondering it all.

Thanks again for your patience with me! Hoping to do an open Q & A video soon –  you asked so it’s coming!

dress, Self Portrait 

earrings, Swarovski

bomber, Free People