Red Rocket

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I think it would work with an all black ensemble too, kinda film noir. I’ll give it a go maybe next week, something sexier. I have some sexy new red heels… if only I had a slinky black dress or a black pencil skirt, maybe some ray bans. It’s a really fun to piece to style. 

As for the booties – am I not recalling some kind of forest creature in these? I love a quirky piece, the kind that divides opinions. I feel like a fawn in them, teetering around in all their fluffiness. Next I need to style them with a dress, something that features far too less of on my blog. Maybe the trench as a dress!!

Anyway – today the weather is bad again in Stockholm. I’m needing to create so many sunny filters for my photos! Though I’m sure you know, I do love the cloudy days for light. Regardless I’m chained to my desk so I guess it makes no difference. Nothing like a good candle and a nice up of tea to bring some cheer to a cloudy day.

Tomorrow I’m finally posting up my MBFWA editorial – which I’m so damn excited about. Studio work is somewhat of a final frontier for me so I’m thrilled to share what I’m capable of. Will have the pics up in about 12 hours. Counting down!

trench, Vintage

shirt, Zimmerman

jeans, Mih Jeans

booties, Senso

bag, Kenzo