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Written by: Zanita Whittington

I often get questions about my beauty regime – and have avoided questions because so often the products I use change, like a flavour of the month. Lately I’ve been a little more dedicated, with exception of a casual rotation. There is a few elements to my routine I won’t ever change – and it’s all to do with consistency. I have pretty dry skin – and I used to get breakouts but no longer, mostly due to taking the Acne drug Roaccutane.  I did find a few tricks that helped, simple things like drinking loads of water and avoiding too much sun, not eating much (or any!) sugar. I also discovered HOW to best moisturise my skin. The key for me was finding a balance between how strong my cleanser was i.e. how much oil was going to be removed from my skin if I used a harsh cleanser – and then also how much moisture my skin was going to need after washing it. So many skin problems are caused by tearing the natural oils out of the skin with chemical cleansers and then not replacing the moisture afterwards – causing the pores to overcompensate and create to much oil, sebum – or react with oversensitivity. So if you want lovely skin – you need to understand what kind you have (dry, combination, oily) and then find the right products to serve it right. For the most part its going to be trial and error!

Moisturisers: Right now I’m using Grown Alchemist and Embryolisse – kind of alternating between. I’ve gotten a bit unreasonably hung up on ageing lately so I’m using the moisturisers for the begining parts of getting wrinkles. So strange because I love smile lines on others my age – it adds a beautiful character to the face… I should really learn to take my own advice. Anyway – I always apply my moisturiser IMMEDIATELY after getting out of the shower. I find it helps with absorption and avoids that nasty tight feeling from the water drying on your skin (maybe this only happens if you have characterised dry skin).

Cleansers: I’m using A Derma Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil (is this name really necessary?)  for my face and body wash and its actually brilliant. Has a beautiful scent and never over dries my skin, lasts ages. I also use And Other Stories body wash when I’m travelling because then I don’t need to use perfume, I smell like a sugar cookie. Eve Lom is the most incredible facial cleanser – but sometimes I’m a bit lazy/in a hurry and don’t use it. You really need to apply some time to give yourself a good cleanse – I think it’s best for dry skin. Leaves it dewy and amazing.

Hair: Don’t really use any kind of shampoo/conditioner regularly – but I’d die without dry shampoo, Batiste is the best. Doesn’t give you that weird white snow head and plenty of new volume. Bumble and bumble Sea salt spray is great for texture too – but thats something thats best for when my hair is a bit soft and flat, loses it curl. The shape of my hair is determined by the weather and water quality which really keeps me on my toes. Whats in store tomorrow?!

Perfume: I discovers Atelier Cologne’s Rose Anonyme while in Amsterdam – at an incredible beauty shop inside the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, I think its called Skin. It’s the most sensual rose scent – obviously a bit difficult to describe online and also kinda pointless. Confident and romantic is what I was going for and thats what I found in this scent. If you’re in Amsterdam I’d highly recommend buying a perfume from Skin. 

Scrub: I’m kind of addicted to scrubs – and though so often its recommended to do only 2/3 times a week – I usually scrub everyday. I just feel like my skin gets a bit dull without it! I love Frank’s coffee scrub and Grown Alchemists for their face and body. Anything that doesn’t rip oil from your skin.

Body Moisturiser: Here’s where I’m favouring scent – and I love Marie Stella Maris rose moisturiser  (made with shea and coconut) and then a good argan oil for dryer parts like legs and arms. Right now I’m using Avril.

These are just some of the products I like right now – I’m a pretty firm believer you can have some AMAZING skin with a good lemon juice and sugar scrub (make it yourself) and some quality body oil – even olive oil! You don’t need to break the bank, just be consistent with the care of your skin. Also stay out of the sun and drink LOADS AND LOADS of water. Seriously, water intake can make or break the quality of your skin.

Hope I’ve helped some of you with my tips! Remember, I’m not an expert – but this is just what I’ve learnt from my experience with MY skin.