A little Opus

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I could really wear these Friend of Mine overalls everyday, such cosy soft leather, so versatile and as flattering as a drop crotch overall could possibly be. Do any of you remember me wearing this Isabel Marant jacket a couple years back? I remember Jess put of a photo of me on her instagram, wearing similar attire, black pants and white sneakers, someone comments “Look out Jess, there’s a 80’s break dancer trying to take your picture!”. Well guess what folks – it’s hammer time!! (technically 1990 but for the sake of this joke, lets roll with it)

Anyway! Retro feelings aside – I had a fun day filled with fruitful meetings and a move into a new office here in Stockholm. It’s great to be in a work environment, surrounded by young entrepreneurs getting shiz done. Inspiring. Working from home has it’s perks, but it does lend to spending half the day in your pyjamas which certainly isn’t dressing for success.  It’s good to have a routine and get out of the house each day – and its fun to explore new areas of Stockholm. Such a great city.

I’m getting geared up for loads of travel and work over the summer now – Monday night I’m flying to my beloved Amsterdam. Can’t wait!

overalls, Friend of Mine

jacket, Isabel Marant

sneakers, Adidas

backpack, Barbara Bonner

ring, Swarovski

watch, Larsson & Jennings

nail bracelet, Amber Sceats

tee, Levis