The Circus

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Crazy week ahead, I’m currently in Sydney for MBFWA and there’s loads of to do – which is awesome! Love the Aussie fashion scene, its really fun and has a great energy.  Was a real buzz to see all my friends and fellow bloggers, most of whom I haven’t seen since last year.

Started the day really on the wrong foot, oversleeping my alarm and having just 15 minutes to get ready before leaving, accidentally left the house with black underwear in a sheer skirt and had to return to change them – then I also confused three separate people I should know well because they changed their damn  hair colour/cut/beard. Made me look like a moron/snob. Things started looking up later in the afternoon when I ordered an Uber Black to run an errand and a black vintage Cadillac Limousine arrived.  I couldn’t believe my luck!! It was so incredible – at first I thought it was because I’m working with Uber this week but I realise it was total coincidence because the odds of the car being available whilst I was requesting a black were pretty slim. I felt like such a baller! I’ll instagram a picture of the car when I catch my breath. So fun! The driver was even playing Edith Piaf. Made my day.

Anyway this outfit is an ensemble I wore to the Porter Party back in Paris – which was the most fabulous party I’ve ever had the fortunate pleasure of attending – Rihanna was there, along with every major international designer I can think of. Being there was like an out of body experience.  These images are part of a photo diary I created in Paris for H&M Life, H&M’s online magazine. You can check out the rest of my shots HERE.

skirt and top, Stella McCartney

handbag, Stella McCartney

shoes, And Other Stories