Blogger Collaboration

One of My Kind

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I love shooting Rebecca. In fact, I really love shooting all my blogger buddies. I always get helplessly excited when  I feel like we have  a good shot and jump around on the spot like a bit of a moron. It really just takes me! It’s that feeling when you’re doing the thing you you love most and I know how lucky I am to find that. As for this location – sometimes the most unexpected places and spaces can be great for photos. Here, I got the feeling for a tram stop. It was a combination of the way the evening light was falling between the buildings and providing a great filter, making Rebecca’s skin glow – and the way her casual outfit suited the surroundings. Sometimes you can pick a spot between the streets where a building either side means that light falls both on the face softly and behind, creating a soft halo of light. For me, the soft light is what makes the mood and creates the moment – part of a story about a girl on a journey. What inspires me about shooting is creating your own context where the whole effect of the images is a tale about a character your representing.

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