London Fashion Week Streetstyle Part 4

Written by: Zanita Whittington


..which means I’m onto editing my Paris Fashion Week shots! I really want to put them up in one post bonanza but that wouldn’t be wise. It can be tricky trying to get up content, procuring it out of nothing. Props to bloggers like Angelica who are getting sometimes up to three posts a day up! I’m really trying to get up more – it’s just so time consuming. I always have ambitions to get a whole lot more work done than is truly possible, persistantly over extending myself and misgauging the time it takes to do things. At least I also know I’m not the only one!

I’m back in Sydney at the moment – but just for a week – before I head back to Europe for a job. More to come on that too! For now I’m listening to tunes and preparing for the week ahead, defiant against jet lag. 5 cappuccinos never killed anyone right?

Thanks for some of my favourite girls – Camille, Berta and Amber – for stepping into my frame and also to all the other lovely ladies for dressing to the nines for LFW!