Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I don’t really wanna do this kind of post right now but I don’t really have a choice. Backed with loads of content from London and Paris, a messy apartment, bags to pack for another sojourn away. Currently typing this up at lighting speed before whipping around my currently unpacked suitcase from Paris to fly again from Stockholm to Lille.. got one hour to leave before I go and things are in a state! I just know I will hate myself if I don’t get up some content… and still so much to do! I wish I could split myself into two people right now. One of those days huh? Yet so wrong to complain – I’ve never seen the french city of Lille and I’m off to work with an exciting brand which I can’t wait to share. So here – some insta highlights from the last month or so… including my new favourite Adidas high tops (love the retro feeling of these puppies!), my geeky fun BikBok raincoat and pics from my trips to snowy Sälen, London and Paris. See my instagram for more details!!

Gotta run! Hope I don’t miss my flight! x