Hello Yellow!

Written by: Zanita Whittington


The right thing to do with this post would have been to post the outtakes. All those moron in between pictures where I look like I’m trying to do a poo or engaging in an exorcism… but my pride got the better of me. Sorry to disappoint! This yellow raincoat did a whole load for lifting my mood on this rainy Parisian day (you can tell somehow right?) and it certainly brought a smile to the faces of a few of my friends too! Cheap and cheerful! And practical.

I’m in manic panic mode trying to get this post up – so there’ll be no spell check, forgive me. I’ve got about 10 minutes left on my wifi allowance at Arlanda, about to jump on a plane to Sydney via Dubai. Thankfully I’m in a really good mood having enjoyed an exciting inbox check when waking this morning – love my emails! I never know what to expect. I also scored exit row seats so I won’t feel like Gollum at the end of my journey. Hooray!!!

raincoat, Bikbok

pants, And Other Stories

shoes, Adidas from JdSPorts

bag, Kenzo

sunglasses, H&M