Shooting with Rami

Written by: Zanita Whittington

IMG_4111 IMG_4153 IMG_4164 IMG_4115 IMG_4139 IMG_4121 IMG_4157 IMG_4110

I’m so excited to feature these images snapped by fellow blogger/photographer Rami Hanna in Stockholm. I had the chance to meet Rami there while I was staying there and pick his brain on the local industry. It was a unique opportunity because we both sort of do the exact same job – fashion and streetstyle photographers who run blogs and shoot other bloggers…. though Rami has also ventured into video now and I’m looking forward to seeing some more of his work on that front.  His streetstyle also has an unmistakeable aesthetic and he’s done some great photoshoots with all the biggest and best Swedish bloggers like Angelica and Kenza. Was such fun to chat and gossip with Rami on all things blogging and pictures – some great inspiration too! Especially since I’m almost 10 years older – really makes me feel like I ought to pick up my game ahah! Don’t forget to check out Rami Hanna and his stellar blog.

photography, Rami Hanna

jeans, Cheap Monday

coat, Enes

t-shirt, Candidate (similar)

bag, Barbara Bonner

boots, Doc Martens (also avail in Burgundy)

mittens, Yvonne Kone

sunglasses, Nick Campbell