Zanita x Marcs Part 2

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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At last I have the chance to post Part two of these images I created for Marcs in my hometown of Esperance (see part 1 HERE). These incredible sand dunes and pristine beaches were an obvious choice in location for me – and I’m lucky that my trip to see my family co-incided with my shoot date so I could take advantage of this scenery.  It’s been a privilege to be invited to take part in this project, my own realisation of a campaign for Marcs, one of Australians most well known and iconic fashion brands.  So this is me posing up a storm yet again! I really love modelling and I do miss it – look forward to doing more (and probably should pic up the gym sessions on that note…).

silk mosaic shift dress, Marcs

denim jacket, Topshop

knot front dress, Marcs

trainers, Nike

colour block dress, Marcs

tweed biker jacket, Marc