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Louis Vuitton – The Spy Who Loved Me

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Thrilled to finally post one of my favourite collaborations to date – together with my close friend (and blogger muse!) Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper and Louis Vuitton. Nicole and I were invited to Paris to get to know the brand further (see HERE and HERE) and to utilise the Louis Vuitton collections for a shoot of our very own. Of course you can imagine my excitement to be given such an opportunity – and my mind was spinning with the possibilities of what exactly Nicole and I could create. I love to dream up concepts that tell a story, most of which will never become a reality – but when you have elements like Nicole’s incredible beauty and styling talent and the city of Paris as the backdrop – suddenly such a vision doesn’t really seem such a challenge.

I loved having the chance to work with Louis Vuitton on this project, it’s such a dream come true. Thank you again to Nicole for lending her brand and her talent to our collaboration and thankyou Paris for providing the perfect backdrop for our cute little story.

Photography – Me

Styling – Nicole Warne

All clothing and accessories – Louis Vuitton