Written by: Zanita Whittington


1.Biking in Ibiza  2.Biking in Amsterdam  3.Delighted to be in Barcelona 4.At Primavera Sound with Gala  5.Kissing William at Heathrow  6.Gorgeous bay in Minorca  7.Hanging with Mango in Barcelona, in front of W hotel  8.Ibiza town 9.The Louvre with Louis Vuitton  10.Drinking beer in Barcelona  11. Red lips pre-partying in Barcelona  12.Amsterdam  13.Nicole instagramming fruit at the markets in Barcelona  14.On a boat in Amsterdam  15.In front of my hotel in Paris 16.Day trip to Den Bosch in Holland   17.View of the Louvre from my balcony in Paris  18.More biking in Amsterdam  19. Silver shoes on my balcony in Ciutadella, Minorca  19. Finding Jess on a tee in Zara  20. Ciutadella streets in the evening  21.Drinking cider at the beach in Minorca  22. Beach hair, Minorca  23.Flowers and blue skies in Barcelona  24. Cocktails on the roof with Nicole, Gabi and Mike in Barcelona  25.Discovering secret places in Ciutadella  26. So happy to see Rebecca in Amsterdam 27.Street party in Dresden  28.Canal life in Amsterdam  29. Enjoying the sun in Berlin 30. Lunch in my room in Paris. 30. The Tuileries.  31. Sunset a Primavera sound  32.Getting lasered in the nose by the Eiffel tower.

Just a small sample of my life in squares over the past few months. Was trying to get up some quick content today and this damn near took me three hours to do… Maybe as well just directed you to all to HERE and saved myself some time huh?

Meanwhile… If you’re in Sydney – tomorrow I’m having a market to sell my wares at The Winery.  Starting 10am – hope to see you there!!!