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The Reach

Written by: Zanita Whittington


photos, Nicole Warne – editing me

Here I am again… In paradise aka Menorca, Spain. These pics are a little deceiving because it looks like a glorious place for a dip – but don’t  you dare because this shoreline is brimming with electric purple and brown jellyfish! First time I plucked up the courage to venture into the water too! Thankfully Nicole and I scored numerous chances to have a dip whilst in Menorca so one missed opportunity was followed neatly by another. We utilised this spot for fun pics and video – and a little sun baking. Though as you can see from my pasty skin – I’m not so partial to spending long hours in the sun! As for my tattoo – its by Wendy Pham – and I’m happy to answer any questions about it in the comments section. I’m a big fan of body art – but couldn’t commit to getting anything really special while I was modelling because it could jeopardise my work. Now I have this piece, totally distinct to me and designed by an artist who’s work I adore. Makes me feel unique and strong. 🙂

Hope you all don’t mind my delaying this content – it’s so hard to keep up with posting everyday when you travel because wifi is a true precious commodity and I’m too busy making content and seeing sights to actually focus on turning it all around in live time. I’m just one girl! Thanks for your patience.

bikini, Zulu & Zephyr

sandals, Zara

camera, Canon G1X (I use this for video)

scarf – sunglasses – shirt, Mango

bag, After the Apple

On another note! I have this track on REPEAT. So good. Love the intro.