Photo Diary: Menorca

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Nicole Warne and myself.

Happily presenting my Menorcan Photo Diary – and special props to Nicole for leading us here. Basically what went down – we had a ten day gap between gigs in Barcelona and Paris and decided to find a fun place to make content. Nicole’s keen research brought us here and what a treasure it was! Just prior to the busy season starting, the days were the prefect warmth and the crowds were yet to turn up. We found a great place on Airbnb to stay in the Port town of Ciutadella, a stunning little town with narrow cobbled streets and brightly painted buildings – and trekked around to various beaches. The first shot from this set is from Cala Macarelleta, really off the beaten track. We hired a car for the day – little knowing it was a manual, without power steering… It took me a little bit of courage to get behind the wheel of a car in foreign country – where the traffic sticks to the opposite side of the road  that I’m accustomed to and the road rules aren’t totally apparent… but we did it! Haha! I haven’t driven a manual car in perhaps 8 years so it was more of an achievement in confidence than anything else. I have so much more to share of Menorca but its all captured on the video – where you can capture the true scope of its beauty and also my own silly hijinks.

Pics from Ciutadella and surrounding beaches, Menorca, Spain.

sunglasses, Karen Walker