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Turn and Bag It

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Whats genuinely in my handbag today – I like to always have make-up with me these days because when I wake in the morning I’m usually running out the door fresh faced… It’s nice to throw on a bit of mascara and lip stain to give a bit of confidence. Went to a meeting this morning without it and all the girls were commenting on how tired I looked. Great. I slept like a baby. PASS THE TOUCHE ECLAT! On occasion I’ll even throw a pair of underwear and toothbrush in so I’m always prepared for a sleepover at a friends place. This photo is also obviously missing assorted receipts, gum wrappers and tampons – because who really wants to see real life huh? I’m scruffy and disorganised at best. My wallet is the same for perhaps two years now, a cheap little elephant themed number that I perhaps paid 5 dollars for – because I have a superstitious theory that if I own an expensive wallet I’m going to lose it. So far so good! (and new record for me). Also not pictured is my mophie juice pack iphone case that is beaten to shit. Really its awful.

handbag, After the Apple/ perfume, Tom Ford Black  Orchid/ pot rouge – lip and cheeks, Bobbi Brown/ highlighter, YSL Touche Elcat/ mascara, Maybelline Full and Soft/ chubby lip stain, Revlon/ shades, Karen Walker/ bracelet, Amber Sceats.