Street Life

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Cup of Couple

Woke up super early to get this post happening – after having a really fun night last night. Spent the day exploring the city with Nicole, Jules and Temoc – then went home for a rest – only to wake at 1am and go out on the town for a few hours. So basically I divided my nights sleep with a quick party session – and not a bad way to do it! Well rested either side. Gotta pack up the last of my things after getting this done so Nic and I can fly to Minorca where we’ll be hanging out and shooting and having general good times. Seriously can not WAIT to edit all the video footage I’ve take over the past week. Normally I would be all about the travel diary photo post but for my time in Barcelona I captured heaps of footage instead… Now I just need to pick the right backing track!

These pics were taken on the street outside the Mango store near out hotel – by my favourite blogging photo and video duo – Cup of Couple! Mike and Gabi are two of the sweetest  and humble guys, not to mentioned talented and stylish. Check out their work! They’ve done so much with great brands and fellow bloggers.

jacket, scarf, shoes, earrings – Mango

dress, Equipment

bag, After the Apple