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Saved by The Bell!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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So excited to present another blogger collaboration editorial – and one of my favourites to date, starring mega babe Martine (check her blog HERE) in this retro inspired photoshoot at iconic Venice Beach, California. Had a major debacle this day shoot which almost made me lose my mind – I purchased a new battery for my camera but was sold the wrong size by Samy’s Camera house. It meant I was stuck using a camera which was about to lose battery at any minute. Normal I’ll snap thousands and thousands of images for any given photoshoot – but for this shoot – I only snapped 400! Setting up the shot, framing it all while my camera was off, getting the images in really limited number of frames, moving onto the next shot stat. Luckily Martine is a real pro! And the perfect embodiment of our muse, Kelly Kapowksi. Take me back to that Cali afternoon light! So perfect – and the location I could have shot in for a week, so many perfect spots to shoot.

Photography, Me – Styling, Rachel Zeilic – Styling Assistant, Lilia Aceves – Hair and Make-up, Sina Velke – model, fellow blogger Martine!!

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