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Fire Engine

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Gervin Puse

Presenting an outfit I shot before leaving on my trip to Europe – snapped by my assistant Gervin who is a most talented photographer in his own right (as you can probably tell) and you need to check his work HERE. I love this check skirt – its like Balenciaga meets Proenza. Fun.

Still trying to make an effort to dress more elegantly and upmarket – though as you can tell here – I’ve fallen down in that I refuse to do my hair. Wouldn’t really be me without something slightly amiss.

Feels a world away posting something from last week… and I guess in a sense it certainly is. Nicole and I are packing our bags for Menorca tomorrow so expect some island paradise on your computer screen very soon! So excited about that but I’m really aching to get my ass to Paris. I’ve only been once – and it was with my parents…. all we did was go to Disneyland. Not that I’m complaining about Disneyland at all – cos hell yeah rollercoasters – but didn’t really get a chance to soak up that Parisian vibe. It’s gonna happen!!

earrings, Swarovski

sunglasses, Karen Walker

shirt, Equipment

skirt, Choies

bag, After the Apple

shoes, RMK

cuff, Tiffany & Co